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8 Places to Find Free Yoga Exercise Videos

8 places to find free yoga videos

Yoga has so many benefits, both for your body and mind. There are so many different styles of yoga available today with different purposes ranging from restorative to power. A regular yoga practice can reduce stress, ease chronic pain, increase flexibility, increase strength, tone your body, eliminate toxins, and much more!

Unfortunately, a single class can cost you $20 or more! Luckily, there are plenty of options when it comes to finding great free full length yoga videos online. Just hook your laptop up to your TV to watch the videos on the big screen. Otherwise, you can put your laptop on a high surface and watch it from there. Check out a few of the best places to find free yoga!

Do Yoga With Me – Excellent large selection of yoga videos for all levels. I like that you can conveniently sort videos by length, type of yoga, and difficulty level.

BYUtv Restorative Yoga – I never did restorative yoga until I tried out an episode of “Total Body Workout” on DirectTV. I absolutely love this relaxing, recovering yoga. It really helps to ease tension and recover after rough workouts.

I have incorporated this yoga into my weekly routine. As a bonus, these videos are excellent for beginners. The woman who teaches the classes is great at explaining the basics, guiding you through poses, and has a nice sunny outlook.

My Free Yoga – My Free Yoga offers plenty of free routines from beginner to advanced. Videos are conveniently sorted according to type of practice.

Yoga Today – Yoga Today offers unlimited yoga classes for $9 a month, however, you can receive a free 30 day trial before you commit.  This is a great way to try out new styles and supplement your regular routine. – Not a huge selection of videos available but hey they are free! Most of the videos are pretty short, which makes these videos a great idea for those with limited time (great for pre-work relaxation).

You Tube – You can find 1000’s of videos by simply typing yoga into the search box. The videos may not all be spectacular quality, however, you will have access to an endless variety of styles and instructors.

Check your TV lineup – I often find videos at the beginning of each week by typing yoga into the search of my DirectTV. Sometimes there is a great video that I can download right away off On Demand, while other times I have to record it for a later date. It’s worth a check to see if any interesting videos are available.

Free community yoga – Oftentimes, you can find free yoga offered at various park districts or through other local businesses. When I lived in Los Angeles, free yoga was offered all over the place! Runyon Canyon (a state park in L.A.) offers daily sessions and also many area beaches and parks offer free morning routines. Check around and see what you can find!

What are some of your favorite sites that offer free yoga routines?

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