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Top 10 Best & Worst Dollar Tree Products

September 1st, 2013

The best and worst Dollar store products

Dollar Tree is one of the few dollar stores I don’t mind shopping at. I have found plenty of fantastic deals over the years. Along with the great buys, there are also plenty of items you should skip. I have listed my top 10 and bottom 10 finds at Dollar Tree. What are some of your favorite Dollar Tree items?

Top 10 items to buy at the Dollar Tree

1. Gift wrap/bags – Dollar Tree carries plenty of cute wrapping paper and gift bags, especially around the holidays. Get all your tissue paper, bows, and name tags without spending a fortune! I love all the different designs they carry. There is no point spending money on something you are going to rip off and throw out anyways!

2. Greeting cards – Dollar Tree is a great place to pick up cards for all occasions including birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries. In a regular store, a card will normally cost you at least $3, so this is a fantastic deal. For only 50 cents, you can load up on cards for the entire year.

3. Holiday decor – Dollar Tree has plenty of fun holiday knick knacks, nothing fancy, but cute fill in decorations such as snow globes, stuffed animals, etc. that can be used to spruce up empty spaces. They also have great holiday brain teasers and small toys which make great gift bag additions.

4. Razor blades – The razor blades sold at Dollar Tree work better for me than the more expensive ones! At 4 for $1, you can’t beat that deal! Tip: to maximize the life of your blade soak it in a vinegar water solution.

5. Sunglasses – Dollar Tree has a great selection of sunglasses. They have plenty of sports styles which are great for biking, hiking, and other outdoor summer activities. If you are just outside exercising do you really need fancy $100 shades? You can’t beat a pair of sunglasses for only a buck!

6. Beauty items – I pick up a lot of miscellaneous beauty items such as nail files & clippers, q tips, ponytail holders, etc. at the Dollar Tree. These items would typically cost several dollars a piece at a Wal-mart or Target store.

7. Bathroom items – Dollar Tree is a great place to pick up shower liners, bathroom trash cans, soap dispensers, shower caddys, laundry bags, and more. I love the laundry bags – haven’t had one rip yet! They are great for sorting through different loads. You will find a decent assortment of bathroom decor (soap holders, candles, etc.) to spruce up an extra or guest bathroom on a budget.

8. Glasses and mugs – Dollar Tree is a great place to pix up a few drinking glasses or coffee mugs, especially around the holidays when they sell festive themed varieties. I wait each year for the new selection of holiday mugs – the designs are great! I find these mugs more attractive than those found for $3-5 bucks at Wal-mart/Target.

9. Dental care items – One of the best aisles in the store is the dental area where you will find 4 packs of toothbrushes, tongue scrapers, floss picks, mouthwash, and more (I skip the toothpaste in favor of more natural brands). I highly recommend the 5 minute teeth whitening kits found in this aisle; this product worked as well as the more pricey whitening kits! All of these items are really pricey in a regular store. Why spend a lot of money on something you replace every 3 months?

10. Socks – Socks are expensive; I do not like spending a lot of money on them only to find holes in the heels and toes. Dollar Tree sells all different styles, including my favorite – a 3 pack of plain while crew socks.

Other great buys: dish sponges, hand gloves for washing dishes, bleach, Kleenex, Blu Ray movies (occasionally spotted bins at several Dollar Tree locations near me), office supplies, sink strainers, and pet toys.
Top 10 items to skip at the Dollar Tree

1. Mop/Brooms – I’ve thrown out countless mops and brooms from Dollar Tree. They tend to be cheaply constructed and fall apart very easily. This is one area worth spending a few extra dollars.

2. Toilet paper – Dollar Tree sells a basic 4 pack of toilet paper,however, the rolls are extremely small. It is also annoying to have to change the roll so fast. You are better off buying an item like this in bulk to save the most amount of money.

3. Food – Most of the snacks and food items sold at Dollar Tree are not only unhealthy, but overpriced, and sometimes expired! For example, can of green beans may only cost 65 cents in Walmart, however, you will pay the full dollar at Dollar Tree. Better yet, skip all the canned and boxed items in exchange for fresh produce. You will save money in the future by avoiding these crap foods now.

4. Books – Most of the books sold at Dollar Tree are unpopular reads that couldn’t sell in a regular store. Most likely, you will pick up a few books that will end up unread on your bookshelf.  Looking for cheap books? Try looking on Amazon and eBay for the best deals.

5. Kitchen utensils -If you are looking for cheap utensils, head over to Ikea. Every utensil I have purchased at the Dollar Tree, for example, a can opener, has broken within a few days. In my opinion,cheap plastic utensils should be skipped in favor of more lasting equipment.

6. Batteries – The batteries sold at Dollar Tree do not have a long life. Sometimes, I pick up a few packs for my holiday decorations, but for everyday use you will be replacing them often, and hence, throwing money down the toilet.

7. Foil – Dollar Tree’s version costs only a dollar, but there is nothing on the roll! You will only get a few uses before having to throw the box away – it is more inconvenience than anything.

8. Pet food – The pet food sold at Dollar Tree is sold in smaller containers. The brands offered are not the healthiest. I would rather feed my pet quality food then risk spending money at the vet later.

9. Vitamins – I wouldn’t trust any supplements that you find at a dollar store. Who knows what is actually in these pills and how many harmful side ingredients they contain? Invest in vitamins the same way you would with food. Better yet, try to get as many nutrients as possible from actual food instead of relying on pricey supplements.

10. Tape – I have purchased Dollar Tree tape a few times around the holidays. The tape roll is enough to wrap a small handful of gifts. This is fine if you are just picking up tape for holiday shopping, as they sell 4 packs for only $1. However, if you are looking for office tape, then Dollar Tree is not the best value.

Have you purchased any of the above mentioned items? Do you agree with my list? Which items would you add to either list? Share your favorite Dollar Tree items in the comments below!

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