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Money Saving Tip of the Week: Free Movie Rental at Redbox

Redbox is a great alternative over purchasing movies On Demand. You have to wait a bit longer for the new releases, however, they are offered at a much cheaper price. Redbox has a decent size collection of Blu-Rays, DVDs and video game rentals.

DVDs rentals are $1.20, while Blu-Rays and game rentals will cost you $2. This is much cheaper than Direct TV’s rate of $6. Rentals are due back the next day before 9:00pm and can be returned to any Redbox location (remember to return in time to avoid paying for an extra day!).

Here is the best part: If you sign up for the Redbox email club, you will receive a promo code for a free movie (price comes out to 0.32 cents with tax). To sign up for your free rental, visit the Redbox site. You can also receive a free movie rental each month by joining the Redbox Text Club.

Redbox vs. Netflix vs. On Demand…what is your preferred means of movie rentals??

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