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10 Tips to Lower your Restaurant Bill

10 tips for lowering your restaurant bill

Dining out can be expensive, but it doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank! Following a few simple tips can help to reduce your bill by up to 50%. Check out my top 10 tips for reducing your restaurant bill!

1. Purchase a Groupon – Groupon deals for local restaurants can often be purchased for at least a 50% discount. Sign up for your city to begin searching for deals near you.

2. Visit during lunch hours – Lunch entree prices often vary dramatically from dinner entree prices. The majority of the time, the portion stays the same, so you have nothing to lose!

3.Skip the drinks and desserts – The 2 most expensive items on a restaurant menu are usually the drinks and desserts. Not only are they overpriced, but they are also filled with empty calories. Skip the refined sugar and alcohol and your bill will show a much lower number.

4. Sign up for an email club – Check to see if your favorite restaurant offers an email club. Sign up to receive special promotions and coupons. Many restaurants offer free appetizers, reduced priced entrees, or even buy one get one deals through their email clubs.

5. Split a plate – Splitting a large entree is obviously going to cost you less than ordering 2 separate dishes. Some restaurants charge a small fee to split plates, however, it is still going to be drastically lower than order 2 plates.

6. Skip the appetizers – Appetizers are often priced as high as an entree and can leave you with no room for your actual entree. Stick with just the entree which is usually more than enough!

7. Order a vegetarian option – Vegetarian options like pasta dishes and veggie plates are often much cheaper that seafood and meat options, not to mention healthier and more filling!

8. Be on the lookout for specials – Many restaurants offer special deals on certain days and/or times of the week. Check the restaurant’s website for details regarding weekly specials.

9. Eat before you leave – Don’t visit the restaurant starving! Have a light snack before you leave your house to keep yourself from over ordering.

10. Don’t give in to the waiter’s suggestions – We have all had that pesky waiter that suggests every pricey entree, expensive drink, and unnecessary appetizer. Do not feel guilty that you aren’t taking any of the waiter’s suggestions – after-all you are the one paying the bill!

Have you used any of the tips above? What are your favorite strategies for reducing your restaurant bills?

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