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10 Great Stress Relieving Products Under $15

A quiet winter day at Anna Maria Island Beach in Florida

When stress creeps up on you, it can leave you with various physical ailments such as headaches, sore muscles, and fatigue. Listed below are a few of my favorite products for easing the tension. The 10 stress relieving products listed below will help you refresh and recover from your daily stresses.

A zen garden is one of my favorite items to take out when I feel stressed. The calming action of covering and uncovering the rocks is a great meditation exercise.

Nothing relieves a headache/migraine quite like a sinus eye pillow. This fantastic sinus kit can be used either warm or cold. I prefer to freeze the pack for headaches, whereas I warm it up for sinus congestion. Either way, lying with the pack over my eyes for 10 minutes or so does the trick.

This silly looking contraption actually works really well for tension headaches. Also great for anytime you feel like a scalp massage. Not quite as good as getting your scalp massaged at the salon, but a great alternative!

A stress ball comes in handy after hours of computer work. Keep one at your desk and break it out anytime you feel overwhelmed, tired, or need a break from staring at the screen.

Yoga is fantastic for relieving stress, especially restorative practices. This DVD is perfect for those new to restorative yoga.

Roobios tea is known for its’ relaxation benefits. The best part of all is that the tea can be consumed morning, afternoon, or night because it contains no caffeine. Choice Teas has one of the most delicious roobios teas on the market.

This relaxing dead sea salt aromatherapy bath salt is perfect for unwinding after a long, stressful day. The infusion of natural oils such as peppermint and thyme makes way for a calming, therapeutic experience.

A Buddha board is a great way to get creative and let go of your stresses for the day. I received a full size board as a Christmas gift and I just love it. All you need is water and you will be able to create your own inspirational images and words.

Most people are familiar with lavender as a calming oil, however, jasmine oil also works wonder. Treatment with jasmine oil as a natural remedy for anxiety and stress is suggested, either through an aromatherapy massage or bath.

This powerful hand held massager works wonders at getting out any kinks after a stressful day.

What are your favorite stress relief products?

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