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50 Great Stocking Stuffers (For Women) Under $10

1. Mascara 2. Mini bottle of perfume 3. Hand lotion 4. Earrings 5. Body salt scrub 6. Nail polish 7. […]

Top 10 Items to Buy at Whole Foods

Do you avoid shopping at Whole Foods because it is too expensive? Not everything in the store is pricey. In […]

100 Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Under $100

1. Nailpolish 2. Magazine 3. DVD from the $5 bin at Wal-Mart 4. Blu Ray from the $7.50 bin at […]

Budget Friendly Recipe of the Week: Protein Packed Fruit Smoothie

A smoothie bought at one of the chain smoothie shops (Jamba Juice, Planet Smoothie) often comes at a high price. […]

50 Tips to Save Money this Holiday Season

1. Stay organized. Having a clearly organized game plan & budget will help prevent overspending.  Write down who you need […]

Athlete Recovery: A Great Cheap Alternative to Pricey Massages

I discovered foam rolling while training for my half marathon. I needed massage on a regular basis, but didn’t want […]

Holiday Decor Shopping: 7 Great Affordable Options

With the holidays just around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about decorations! Shopping for holiday decor […]

Black Friday Photography Sale

My boyfriend and I have just opened a photography gallery. We have an online store where you can browse through […]

Hallmark Holiday Open House: Dreambook 2013

Head over to Hallmark from November 8th-11th for special prices on festive holiday gifts and decor. In addition, sign up […]

3000 Free Recipes from Whole Foods

I love Whole Food’s freshly prepared hot food options and delicious salad bar.  Unfortunately, it can get pricey to buy […]

7 Reasons to Avoid Obsessive Couponing

I am not a fan of couponing, nor the emphasis that so many financial experts place on this overrated money-saving […]

Quality Loose Leaf Tea at Affordable Prices: Davidson’s Organics

Most of us know by now that tea has an abundance of health benefits. Drinking tea on a daily basis […]

10 Tips to Lower your Restaurant Bill

Dining out can be expensive, but it doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank! Following a few simple tips can […]

10 Frugal Ideas for Fun this Halloween

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. I do not like spending 100s of dollars on overpriced […]

Budget Friendly Recipe of the Week: Chipolte Burrito Bowl Knock-Off

I love the Burrito Bowls at Chipolte, however, they are overpriced at $7 a piece. Plus I can make my […]