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7 Tips for Finding Fantastic Furniture Deals

Need to find furniture for your place on a budget? There are several avenues you can take to furnish your house without spending a fortune. Take a look at a few of my tips for finding the best furniture deals.

7 Tips for Finding Fantastic Furniture Deals

1. Visit IKEA – If you need to furnish an entire apartment on a budget, IKEA is the way to go. They have great prices all the time; no coupons needed. You can find almost everything in this store. I recently found a nice coffee table for $20, a stylish love seat with lounge for only $700, and a nice glass kitchen table for under $100.

Ikea carries a large inventory; you can walk around here all day searching for the perfect budget furniture. I love IKEA because everything they sell is very stylish and trendy, not ratty looking old furniture.

2. Search at a thrift store – You can find discounted furniture at your local thrift store. If you aren’t keen on sitting on a couch that someone else has used, you can always buy a slipcover. You can also take some time on a DIY project by reupholstering the items yourself.

3. Visit End of the Year & Holiday sales – These are great times to take advantage of special sales and promotions. I found a $1000 couch discounted to only $500 during one of these sales.

4. Accept hand me downs – Let your friends and family know that you are looking for a couch/recliner/etc and see if anyone knows anyone getting rid of their old furniture. You can always use this until you find a replacement.

5. Visit a discount furniture store – Discount furniture stores often sell for a fraction of the cost of a high end retailer. I bought a mattress at a mattress outlet store for a 3rd of the retail price; it has still held up today, years later!

6. Watch for sales – Check sales ads for discounts and promotions. Oftentimes, furniture stores will give you freebies with a purchase, or offer reduced pricing on a full room set. Be on the lookout for these special deals.

7. Find a rummage sale – Some of the best deals I have found took place at local church rummage sales. Most of the times these sales operate on a “pay as much as you can basis”, so you will not have to turn away because you can’t afford something.

Have you used any of these budget furniture shopping tactics? What stores do you think offer the best furniture deals?

2 Thoughts Shared

    • Justin Knox
    • March 9, 2016

    Thank you for the help. My wife and I are hoping to to buy new furniture for our living room soon. We are definitely watching for sales, as you mentioned. What is the most effective way to stay on top of that so that we don’t miss a deal?

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      • Maureen Therese
      • March 11, 2016

      Sure, no problem. The best way to stay on top of sales is by checking the flyers each week in your local paper, checking the company’s website for upcoming promotions, and signing up for the email list (companies frequently advertise special sales and send promotional codes to email subscribers).

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