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10 Cheap Things to do this 4th of July

 10 cheap things to do this 4th of July

4th of July doesn’t always have to involve a pricey out of town vacation. You can still have fun without taking a road trip or expensive flight . Let’s take a look at some inexpensive ways you can celebrate the holiday season.

10 free/cheap things to do this holiday season!

1. Check your town’s event calendar – Your town’s Chamber of Commerce site or your local newspaper is a good start for finding free events. Check this week’s listing of holiday themed events (firework shows, parades, etc.)  Most of these holiday events are fun, festive, & most importantly, free!

2. Plan a family gathering – Invite friends and family over for a fun 4th of July party. It doesn’t have to be expensive – you can make it a Potluck where everyone brings a fun dish. You can purchase cheap decorations at Dollar Tree – they have a lot of cute stuff! You are only going to use them one time, so there is no point in throwing your money out on fancy decorations.

3. Don’t purchase fireworks – Watch the shows put on by your community instead; you can sit back and relax leaving the dangerous task to the pros. Not to mention fireworks are costly.

4. Watch the displays on TV – Watching the numerous displays on TV is the cheaper option as opposed to driving into the city and paying for parking, food, etc. The New York display over the Hudson River is always amazing. When you watch on TV you can actually hear the music and your view isn’t obstructed. Sometimes, the cheaper option also makes more sense!

5. Make your own food – There are plenty of fancy dishes and sweets you can make yourself. This is obviously much cheaper and healthier than picking up something from your grocery store. Check out this list of 10 4th of July recipes from Whole Foods.

6. Be smart with travel plans – Driving will be a lot cheaper than flying, especially since the flights always increase during holiday periods. In addition, try to book hotels away from the main attractions: they will be a much better value.

7. Spend some time outside! – Because it will likely be hot and humid outside, you can save on your air conditioning bill by leaving your house and finding a pool or beach to swim at for the day. In my opinion, these free activities are more fun than spending a bunch of money at an overcrowded attraction.

8. Skip the restaurants – Have a barbecue or picnic in the park. Who needs a fancy overpriced restaurant?!

9. Check for special retail promotions – Many restaurants, hotels, and retailers give special discounts around the holidays.

10. Don’t wait to the last minute to make plans – Pre-planning always saves money and reduces stress. Plan activities, travel, and parties several weeks in advance so you aren’t scrambling at the last minute.

What are some of your best 4th of July budgeting ideas? Share your best picks for frugal holiday fun!

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