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Skip Overpriced Coffee: Save Money at Home with a Keurig


I never drank coffee until a family member bought me a Keurig Coffee machine for Christmas. At first, I planned on only using the brewer for tea. However, I wanted to get my money’s worth, so I tried out one of the sample coffee K-cups, which was delicious! I started drinking the Organic Sumatran Reserve and Tazo Green Tea varieties. Tazo Green Tea is the most delicious green tea. Most green teas are pretty bland; this one has a nice lemony flavor.

I like the fact that you can brew a single cup of coffee, instead of making a whole pot. It takes under a minute. I have the Special Edition Brewer ,which carries a few unique features including: a digital display, 3 different cup size options, and a 60oz water reservoir. This is a great idea for the occasional coffee drinker like myself. I would never drink more than a cup or two at most, so a regular size coffee pot would be impracticable for me.

Keurig K Cups


After a while, I got tired of having to spend $15 on each box of K-Cups. Even though using the Keurig is cheaper than buying a $3-4 coffee out, purchasing the K-Cups still isn’t the best value. Spending $15 every week or two on the K-Cups can really add up! I ended up purchasing the Reusable SoloFill Cup.

Solofill cup for Keurig


This reusable cup saves me so much money. I no longer have to buy pricey K-Cups. I buy a big container of coffee beans, grind the beans myself, and enjoy a nice steaming cup of coffee! This saves a lot of money over the K-Cups because a whole container of my choice coffee (Trader Joe’s French Roast) costs me about $7 and lasts for several weeks!

Visit the Keurig website for information on different models and K-Cup varieties available.

Do you use a Keurig brewer?  If so, what is your favorite flavor of coffee? Do you feel you have saved money since switching over to drinking coffee at home?

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