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How to Save Money by Eating Organic

September 5th, 2013

Eating organic saves you money in the long run

Yes, I said save money! I don’t understand people who think eating organic is wasting money! In fact, I believe the exact opposite! Eating a healthy organic diet may cost a bit more upfront, however, the long term health benefits offset the higher cost.

If you really want to save money, you are better off cutting out fast food and dining out at expensive restaurants. This is how you really save big bucks (100’s of dollars per month, depending on your current habits). These habits are both costly and unhealthy. On the contrary, organic home cooked food is much healthier and cheaper than dining out.

Organic food contains less pesticides and chemicals than non-organic products. Pesticides have been known to cause a wide variety of health problems. While paying $30 or so extra a month on organic groceries may seem like a lot, you will benefit from fewer costly illnesses, hospital visits, and medications in the future.

Check out my article: Organic produce buying guide. If you can’t afford to convert completely to organic, you can at least reduce your exposure by following the tips listed in the article.

Trader Joe’s is a great store for finding affordable organic products.Trader Joe’s carries a decent selection of organic produce and dry goods, offers affordable prices, has friendly staff, and is easy to navigate. I also check my local supermarkets (Shaws, Fred Meyer’s) for special organic sales each week.

I urge everyone to cut out the fast food, buy organic (especially produce & dairy), and limit your exposure to the items which are most commonly sprayed. Eventually, you will see that the health benefits and long term savings far outweigh the small upfront cost.

The potential money saving benefits of eating organic include:

*a reduction in costly doctor’s visits

*a reduction in the need to take pricey medications

*a natural better looking complexion without spending 100’s on useless beauty products

*more energy, increased productivity, & better health=more money in your pocket

How often do you eat organic? Do you feel that eating organic is worth the investment?

What do you think?

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