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Quality Loose Leaf Tea at Affordable Prices: Davidson’s Organics

Most of us know by now that tea has an abundance of health benefits. Drinking tea on a daily basis can help you lose weight, decrease your stress level, slow down the aging process, prevent certain types of cancer, and so much more! White tea, which is less processed than black and green teas, contains the most healthy antioxidants.

I prefer loose leaf tea over bagged tea for the variety of flavors available, the smoother taste, and the overall value. Boxes of bagged tea may be cheaper upfront, however, over the long run they are more expensive. I recommend purchasing loose leaf tea online. Purchasing loose leaf tea at your local health food store or specialty store (like mall store Teavana) is going to be much more expensive than purchasing through an online retailer.

Davidson’s Tea is my favorite tea company. They offer a wide variety of black, green, white, red, and herbal teas. They even come out with specialty flavors throughout the year, such as holiday favorites like Pumpkin Spice and Christmas tea. All of their teas are organic, which is great as conventional teas are loaded with pesticides.

My favorite tea by far is White Peony, which has a smooth, delicate taste. It goes well with anything and is the perfect treat on a cold fall or winter’s day. South African Roobios (an excellent choice for those avoiding caffeine) and Emerald Green are 2 more of my personal favorites.

Everyday affordable prices combined with ongoing sales and promotions make Davidson’s an ideal place to stock up on tea (tea can be stored in a canister for a year or more). Their top ongoing promotion includes a free bag of tea if you purchase 3, which can save you between $8-30, depending on the size bag you order. A new “tea of the month” promotion each month gives you the chance to try out a new tea with a 25% discount. Also, with each order, you will receive a few bagged tea samples, which is great for exploring new varieties that you may never have tasted otherwise.

Additionally, you can sign up for their email list to save even more (I recently received a 25% off coupon code). Visit the Davidson’s Tea website to view the whole catalog of tea varieties, keep up to date on monthly specials, and sign up for the email list.

Has anyone tried Davidson’s Tea? What is your favorite online tea retailer? What is your go-to tea flavor?

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