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40 Cheap & Healthy Vegetarian Snacks

Cheap and healthy vegetarian snack ideas
Starting a vegetarian diet can be a difficult task, especially if you are not prepared in advance. The diet can also be surprisingly expensive if you indulge in too many convenience and junk food snacks. Luckily, there are plenty of fresh and affordable fruit and veggie based snack ideas to choose amongst. Listed below are 40 ideas for affordable and healthy snacks to incorporate into your vegetarian diet. Be sure to share some ideas of your own!

1. Guacamole and raw veggies
2. Blue corn chips and salsa (Trader Joe’s sells an excellent affordable option)
3. Pumpkin seeds
4. Apples
5. Hummus and crackers
6. Scrambled eggs
7. Yogurt and Blueberries (Try So Delicious Brand if avoiding dairy)
8. Sliced cucumbers
9. Sweet potato topped with butter and onions
10. Sliced tomatoes with salt, pepper, and oregano
11. Frozen veggies topped with olive oil
12. Gluten free toast topped with olive oil and spices
13. Fried zucchini and squash in coconut oil
14. Green and Blacks Dark Chocolate (try Green & Blacks brand)
15. A handful of almonds
16. A bowl of mixed berries
17. Hummus and raw veggies
18. A brown rice wrap stuffed with veggies
19. A bowl of quinoa topped with veggies
20. A mixed bowl of green, black, and kalamata olives
21. Celery and peanut or almond butter
22. Carrot sticks and dip
23. Veggie salad
24. Homemade spring rolls
25. Homemade sweet potato fries
26. Air popped popcorn topped with coconut oil
27. Tablespoon of Chia Seeds mixed in water
28. Chia, Buckwheat and Hempseed cereal (find at Whole Foods)
29. Oatmeal
30. Bowl of green Lentils
31. Veggie soup
32. Homemade Green or Fruit Smoothie
33. Hard boiled eggs
34. A handful of walnuts
35. A mug of green, white, or roobios tea
36. Sliced avocado
37. Pomegranate seeds
38. Quesadilla
39. Homemade Pizza
40. Cereal/GF granola

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