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Great Deals on Groupon

If you haven’t heard of Groupon, now is the time to sign up! Groupon gives you the opportunity to try out new restaurants, salons, spas, attractions and more without paying full price! Purchasing a Groupon deal allows you to try out a local business without commitment.Bud

If you like the business you can always go back, but the real advantage is not tossing out your money away on a bad business. If you didn’t like the business, you didn’t pay full price, so you aren’t losing as much.

Groupon allows you to save from 50-90% on selected businesses. You will also periodically receive additional discounts on your account (usually $10 off). Some of the deals sell out, so book fast if you know you are interested. Groupon frequently sends out emails informing you of daily deals.

I use the service all year, especially during the summer months when I have more time. The summer is a great time to book a “Getaway deal.” These deals include discounted vacations across the country. You can conveniently sort offers by your desired area. I have booked several vacations through the site.

Tip: Sign up for Groupon deals in your vacation destination city a few weeks beforehand. By planning ahead, you will have save money on  restaurants and activities.

To sign up to receive offers in your area, please visit the Groupon website.

Have you used Groupon? What is the best deal you have ever found? Is there another deals site which you prefer?

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