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My Favorite Daily Deals Websites


Nowadays, there are plenty of daily deal websites available for finding discounts at local restaurants, salons, attractions, and more! Since Groupon, 100s of competing sites have emerged.

These sites are convenient because they do all the work for you! You just have to sign up and wait for the deals to come to you! I prefer to use Groupon, however, there are still plenty of other worthwhile sites to look into.

Check out a few of my favorites!

Groupon – Buying a Groupon deal will allow you to save as much as 50-90% off your chosen city’s featured business deals.  You can also browse through Groupon Getaways for vacation deals across the world and Groupon Goods for product deals.

Groupon conveniently sends you updated emails with new deals, and also lets you know when an offer is about to expire/sell out. When I initially signed up, I received a $10 coupon to use on any deal! Visit the Groupon website to start receiving deals in your area.

Living Social – Living Social is the best site next to Groupon. I have purchased many great deals from them over the past year. Although they offer some of the same deals, you can still find a few  unique offers. As with Groupon, you will sign up and select your desired city. You will be able to browse through deals offered by local businesses. You will also receive emails alerting you of new offers. I also like that you can set up your preferences to have Living Social send you deals that are personalized to your interests. Visit the Living Social website to begin searching for daily deals in your area.

Yipit – Yipit is a great deal site which I just recently found out about. Yipit takes the best deals from other deal sites, enabling you to browse through a variety of local offers. I love this site because I can sort through both Groupon and Living Social deals in the same spot! Another advantage of this site is being able to sort through offers by various means, including categories, recommended deals, and recent deals. Visit Yipit to sign up to receive deals.

Travel Zoo – I do not use Travel Zoo as frequently as Groupon and Living Social, however, I do occasionally browse through for unique once-in-a-lifetime offers. One of the highlights of this site is the “Weekly Top 20,” which is a list of highly recommended researched & reviewed deals. Visit Travel Zoo to begin searching for deals.

Limelight Deals – Limelight offers unique local daily deals, the only drawback being that the deals are limited to only a few select areas at this time, including New England, and select Oregon and California cities. Limelight typically offers one new local deal per day. One of the benefits of Limelight is the ability to find a deal that is located right near where you live as opposed to buying a Groupon that may end up being quite a drive. Another bonus: you will get a special deal on your birthday after you sign up!  Visit Limelight Deals to find a deal city near you.

Have you used any of these deal websites? Which is your favorite? Are there any other fantastic deal sites out there that top these ones?

What do you think?

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