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6 Great Freebies at your Local Library

Freebies at your local library

Your local library is a great place for getting tons of free stuff. The freebies don’t stop at magazines and books. Many people are unaware of how many free resources are available at the library. Check out this list of 6 freebies available at your library!

*Borrow DVDs and Blu Rays – Check out movies for free instead of paying for them on your TV/renting from Redbox. My library even offers a large selection of Blu Rays!

*Borrow CD’s- Instead of paying for music downloads, you can just borrow CD’s from you local library. My library lets me check out 6 at a time from their large collection of titles.

*Check for local museum and zoo passes – My library offers a selection of free or discounted passes to area zoos, museums, and other cultural attractions. This is a great way to save at these pricey attractions.

*Find out about free area events – The library is a great place to stay updated on free local events. Check the bulletin board for postings. Also be on the lookout for free local newspapers and brochures listing upcoming events.

*Free downloads from Freegal music – Check to see if your library participates in this program. My library gives out 3 free songs a week! It isn’t a huge library of songs, but I can always find at least a few favorites.

*Pick up local newspapers – Libraries are a great place to pick up free local newspapers. These papers are typically the best sources for free area events, attractions, and even local retailer coupons.

How often do you visit your local library? What are the best freebies you have found?


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