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40 Cheap Date Ideas

40 cheap date ideas

Making the time for dates often gets much harder as the years go by. We need to make time for these dates in order to keep the relationship as fresh and exciting as it wasre in the beginning. Even if you are on a budget and can’t afford 5 star dinners and luxury dinner cruises, there are plenty of affordable options available. And even better, most of these date ideas are even more fun than their pricey alternative. Take a look at the 40 cheap date ideas listed below. Feel free to share some of your own ideas as well!

40 Cheap & Fun Date Ideas

1. Find a local 2nd run theater. Although the movies may have been out for several weeks, tickets are often priced as low as $2-3. With prices that low, you can each pick a movie and make it a double feature!

2. Visit a drive in theater. What’s more romantic than an old fashioned drive in theater. There aren’t many around anymore, so if you are lucky to live by one take advantage before they all go away. Visit to find one near you. Drive Ins make for an affordable, relaxing date night.

3. Take a walk around a local park. Enjoy a leisurely stroll together around a park. Forget all your daily stresses and focus your attention solely on spending time together.

4. Visit a beach or lake to watch a sunset. Grab your chairs or blanket and head over to the beach for a romantic evening watching an amazing sunset.

5. Plan an old fashioned board game night. Pick out your favorite board games, grab the snacks, and enjoy an entertaining evening back in time. I recommend fun classics like Scrabble, Scattegories, and Rummikub.

6. Find a Groupon deal to a local restaurant. Dining out at a nice Italian restaurant doesn’t always have to mean an outrageous bill. Find a local deal to a restaurant you have always wanted to try out. You would be surprised at how many great deals are currently being offered in your city.

7. Enjoy a night filled with the best romantic comedies. Cuddle up with a blanket and hot chocolate and enjoy favorites like Sleepless in Seattle, Serendipity, Say Anything, and Can’t Buy Me Love.

8. Go ice skating or roller skating at a local rink. Ice skating is my favorite date night winter activity. If you live in warm area, check out an indoor rink or a local roller skating arena. Both of these activities are fun, unique, and affordable. Check the rink’s website for special discounted dates.

9. Cook a 4 course dinner together. Plan out your menu at the beginning of the week, shop for the ingredients, and make sure you have all the equipment. This way you can enjoy the cooking experience with no stress and enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner after all your hard work.

10. Have a wine and fondue night. I love the Nostalgia Electronic Fondue maker than I found on Black Friday in Macy’s last year. I use it for date night fondue nights. It’s fun, easy, and lots of recipes are included. Try a dark chocolate recipe with fruits and mini desserts for dipping!

11. Visit a local coffeeshop. An outing to the coffeeshop is a cheap, relaxing chance to talk in a nice cozy atmosphere.  Also be sure to check out the live entertainment schedule.

12. Go stargazing. Check your local planetarium for free dates. If there is not one by you, drive somewhere really dark. Bring with a blanket and enjoy a romantic night under the stars.

13. Take a scenic drive. Find a peaceful country road near you without much traffic and preferably mostly forest views, rather than commercialization. Fall is a perfect time for relaxing, picturesque drives.

14. Have an old school Nintendo night. Get out some snacks and all your favorite old games like Super Mario Brothers 3, Tetris, and Fester’s Quest. You’ll have so much fun playing all your favorite childhood games.

15. Take a stroll around your city’s downtown area. Find a nice section of downtown which has streetlamps and shops and take a relaxing walk. Pick up a small inexpensive treat like a cappuccino or a dessert.

16. Visit a local art gallery. Most galleries offer at least one day a month where they open admission free to local residents. This is the perfect afternoon date idea. Get dressed up and enjoy looking at gorgeous pieces of local artwork.

17. Find a local fair or festival. Your community probably offers numerous year-round events such as farmers markets, carnivals, and other local festivals. Check local websites and newspapers for a full calendar.

18. Give each other a massage. Skip the pricey spa massages! Pick up your own cheap aromatherapy oil, light some candles, turn on some spa music and give each other a relaxing massage. You will save several hundred dollars!

19. Browse your local newspaper for community events. You would be surprised at how many low cost and free events are offered throughout the month in your town and surrounding communities. Take the time to scan the upcoming calendar and plan out your date nights!

20. Enjoy a night of bowling. Check for special discount days. They alley near me only charges $1 per game all day on Sundays. Bowling is only expensive if you go on the wrong days.

21. Have a tennis match. Tennis is a great aerobic activity, not to mention a chance to be out in nature with your sweetheart. Pick a scenic court at a nice park. Enjoy a picnic lunch or a stroll around the nature trails afterwards.

22. Enjoy a competitive basketball game. You can easily find a free court at your local park. Enjoy a friendly, fun game of HORSE. This is a great way to get in shape and have fun at the same time.

23. Bake a batch of homemade cookies or brownies. Making a fun treat together is almost as much fun an enjoying the treat afterwards! Explore new additions like miniature pieces of candy and different frostings to spice up the experience.

24. Take an afternoon bike ride. Find a shady, scenic path near you and plan an afternoon ride. Biking is a great date idea because it is fun, free, allows you to connect with nature, and isn’t too much of a workout that you can’t comfortably talk.

25. Visit your local animal shelter. Play with the kittens and puppies that need a home. Most aren’t given enough attention so they will appreciate the play time. Perhaps add a new addition to the family!

26. See a production at your local community theater. It won’t be a Broadway production, but the costs will be much cheaper and the fun all the same. We saw a great production of The Wizard of Oz at a local theater. In fact, we had more fun here because of the casual, relaxed atmosphere.

27. Look through old photography albums. Take turns looking through old photo books from your youth. It is sure to bring up plenty of entertaining and embarrassing stories to talk about all night.

28. Make a Shutterfly photo album. Compiling a book of photos from your computer to make a scrapbook is the perfect fun, date idea. Think of any type of theme – pets, vacations, etc.

29. Plan a picnic in the park. What a great way to spend a beautiful afternoon?! Pack a healthy lunch and enjoy the day outside in a shady, quiet setting.

30. Go on a healthy weekend morning jog. Take a refreshing, moderate jog together than reward yourself with a home cooked breakfast buffet. This is the perfect way to start out your weekend!

31. A few fun winter time date ideas include: building a snowman, going sledding, having a hot chocolate by the fire, skating at a local outdoor rink or pond, and renting a pair of snowshoes and heading out to your state park.

32. Have an outdoor fire. Nothing is better on a crisp fall night than enjoying a relaxing night by the fire. Make it more fun by getting the ingredients to make S’Mores or any other treat you wish.

33. Get a cup of tea or coffee and walk around the mall. Just enjoy walking around and being goofy. Try out different outfits, test out the massage chairs at Brookstone, play around at the toy store…the options are endless!

34. Find a free art walk near you. Many communities offer one day a month where selected art galleries open their doors free to the public. Many also offer complimentary appetizers and wine samples. Enjoy a night of food, wine, and local creations.

35. Check your local parks and recreation department for events. Look for both ongoing and seasonal events. Many of these programs are low to no cost and a fun way to explore the outdoors.

36. Take a ballroom dance class. Many dance studios offer a complimentary lesson for new students. Or turn on the music at home and dance! Get creative and make up your own moves or follow a guided video online.

37. Enjoy seasonal activities. Plan a fun date based on the season/holiday. Halloween is a great time for pumpkin patches, scenic fall drives, and photography hikes. Christmas is a great time for holiday movie marathons, coffee shop dates for specialty winter lattes, and fun winter sports. Summer offers plenty of outdoor fun including festivals, firework shows, and outdoor concerts.

38. Work on a holiday craft project together. Start your Christmas projects early with a homemade project you both can fun on working together. There are tons of ideas on Pinterest for cute crafty projects you can make for friends and family.

39. Check for free dates for local cultural attractions like zoos, aquariums, and museums. Also check Groupon and Living Social for discounted admission tickets.

40. Take a tour of a local winery. Most offer free tastings. Also check for special events such as live concerts. Pack your own picnic and enjoy some wine – how romantic is that?

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