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Posts in Category: Beauty

The 3 Best Budget Friendly Natural Sunscreens

With summer just around the corner, now is the time to stock up on plenty of sunscreen. Most traditional sunscreens […]

White Tea: An Affordable Natural Skin and Health Booster

White tea is fantastic for your skin. While Green Tea also helps combat inflammation, white tea is the least processed […]

9 Affordable Healthy Beauty Products

Most cosmetics you find at your local drugstores and department stores are loaded with harmful (and unnecessary!) chemicals. Cosmetics are […]

7 Budget Friendly Homemade Hair Treatments

There are plenty of budget friendly conditioners that you can make at home using ingredients you already have in your […]

25 Ways to use Baking Soda: The Cheap, Natural, Multi-Purpose Wonder

Baking soda can be purchased for under $1,yet works wonders in many different situations. I always keep several boxes of […]

Free makeup application at Sephora

If you have been to any upscale mall or shopping center in the past few years, you have probably walked […]