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White Tea: An Affordable Natural Skin and Health Booster

The health benefits of drinking white tea

White tea is fantastic for your skin. While Green Tea also helps combat inflammation, white tea is the least processed and therefore contains the most antioxidants. White tea helps protect the skin from damage due to free radicals. White tea is said to be able to build collage and elastin, which means drinking it daily can improve your skin over time.

I have noticed a big difference in my skin over the years since drinking my 3 cups of tea a day. It contains only a fraction of the caffeine of coffee. Those wishing to cut down on their coffee consumption may one to substitute a mug of tea. I always make it a point to take a relaxing break while drinking my tea (reading, sitting outside, etc.). The combination of antioxidants and reflective relaxation time is just what you need to truly reap all the benefits. After all, stress plays a major role in skin health too- you are negating the effects of the tea if you drink while stressed out.

Most consumers spend 1000’s of dollars a year on useless overpriced beauty products. The true way to keep your skin healthy and radiant starts with proper nutrition and stress reduction. Bad eating habits and stress play a major role in most skin problems. Luckily, it is never too late to start doing something great for your skin. Many cultures with the longest life expectancies also drink the most tea (for example: Japan).

White tea is one of the healthiest drinks in the world. If it is that good for you to drink, then why not try applying it directly to your skin? Perhaps a homemade facial mask will bring even more benefits to your skin. If drinking tea is good for your skin, then applying it directly to your skin has the possibility to yield even better results. I frequently mix up my own masks in the kitchen using ingredients I already have on hand.

Try mixing up loose leaf white tea (I like Davidson’s White Peony Tea) with flour( I use Ancient Harvest Quinoa Flour because it is gluten free and tends to provide a thicker base than regular flour) and water. Mix a few tsp of the white tea with the flour and a few tsp of water to your desired consistency.

You can also use honey, egg white, and/or Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder instead of or in addition to the flour.  You will have to grind up the white tea until it forms into almost a powder (to keep down the mess a bit). Better yet, you can buy the tea in a powder form to give it a better consistency. I usually take a bath with this mask on so I don’t get ingredients all over the house. I could use the extra relaxation time anyways!

Leave the mask on for about 20 minutes, or until it dries completely. Wash it off gently with warm water. I usually follow with a light moisturizer to further lock in the benefits. Trader Joe’s Nourish Oil-Free Antioxidant Facial Moisturizer is the perfect choice – it does the job but without being too heavy or greasy.

White tea has many health benefits, so drink it and use it as a face mask. Over time you will begin to naturally see changes in your skin, without resorting to overpriced, ineffective, chemical laced store brands.

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