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Free makeup application at Sephora

Kate Sommerville products at Sephora

If you have been to any upscale mall or shopping center in the past few years, you have probably walked past a Sephora store. I tend to skip right pass because their products are pricey (and I can usually find them much cheaper online). However, I stopped by after finding out about this fantastic ongoing deal.

Here’s the deal…a free 45 minute makeup application with any $50 purchase! This is a fantastic deal for those of you who already shop at Sephora. Even if you don’t typically shop here, it is still a fantastic deal as makeup application typically starts upwards of $50! You might as well get a free product or 2!

I had a wedding this past Saturday and did not want to shell out $50+ to get my makeup done for one night. I found out about Sephora’s deal through a friend and decided to make an appointment. I already regularly purchase some of the brands found in the store, so I grabbed 2 products that I would have bought online regardless.

I got 2 products and my makeup done for the same price that everyone else in the wedding party spent just getting their makeup done! Sounds like I got the better deal! 🙂

The makeup artist was very friendly and asked my opinions on different brands and products to try out. She asked if I liked different shades and offered to redo it if I wasn’t satisfied with the outcome. I appreciated the ability to provide my own input as opposed to feeling powerless. She tailored the makeup for the occasion. I didn’t feel like she was pushy or critical, like some makeup artists.

I was very pleased with the experience. There was no pressure to buy any specific products, so I was free to choose whatever I wanted for the $50. I ended up going with a lip gloss from Kate Somerville (Quench and Correct Lip Plumping and Restorative Lip Treatment) and a translucent shimmer powder from Bare Escentuals. Both products were decent, although I prefer other products from the Kate Somerville line, such as Exfolikate and Total Antioxidant serum pictured above.

Sephora carries over 100 different brands of makeup, skin care, hair care, and fragrance products, including natural and private label products. You will have no trouble finding options to spend your $50! You will also receive a few free samples with your purchase.

To find a Sephora store near you, visit the Sephora website. Make sure to call in advance to schedule an appointment for your makeup application.

Has anyone ever had their makeup done at Sephora? What was your experience like? Would you get another application done in the future? What are your favorite must-have products at Sephora?

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