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11 Ideas for Finding Free Events in your Town

Substituting some of your paid weekly events with free local events is a great way to save yourself some money quick! I always try to mix and match free/expensive events each week.This savvy tactic allows you to incorporate must-attend events into your schedule without breaking the bank.

More than likely free events are going on in and/or around your town each weekend; you just need to know where to look! Below I have listed a few of my favorite tactics for finding free local events.

1. Check local newspapers – One of my first stops for locating free events is a local newspaper. Oftentimes, you can find specific articles on upcoming events or a weekly event calendar. This is a great way to stay updated on weekly happenings in your area. In addition to the standard newspaper, also check the free newspapers you can find around town.

2. Check bulletin boards – I often scan the bulletin board postings throughout town – at the library, grocery store, coffee shop, etc. Many of these places will advertise local events, many of which are free. Hopefully the board is updated frequently and old flyers taken down – make sure to check the event date!

3. Check your Chamber of Commerce site – One of the best ways to find out about free events is by looking at the community calendar on your local Chamber of Commerce site. Usually, you can look up events the month beforehand, which gives you plenty of time to fit it various activities into your schedule.

4. Check ZEventsZEvents allows you to search for events by town, date, and category.

5. Be on the lookout for posted signs and advertisements around town. Also check storefronts for posted local events. I often see local shops advertising events.

6. Check libraries for passes to museums and zoos. Most libraries offer free or discounted passes to local museums and cultural attractions. Inquire at your local library about museum discount programs.

7. Check museum and other cultural attractions for free dates. For example, Massachusetts offers free admission to a select group of museums/cultural attraction every Friday during the summer months. In addition, most museums offer select free dates throughout the year.

8. Check your local state park event calendar. State parks often offer free events such as ranger led hikes and guided nature walks. Check the calendar of events at your local park for a free & healthy activity!

9. Check your local parks and recreation calendar for community events. Checking your parks and rec site is another great way to find free events. Parks often offer various freebies throughout the year such as concerts, movies in the park, craft fairs, and more.

10. Facebook is a great site for finding information about local events. Just like your city’s page and favorite places to discuss with others and keep updated on current and future events. Liking your favorite restaurants and bars is also a great way to find out about special promotions. For example, I found out about a local game night at one of my favorite restaurants through their Facebook page.

11. Download a free event app. Evenseekr, Gravy, Scoutmob, and Eventbrite are apps which can be used to help you find free local events. This is a great option for those with limited time.

Do you have any additional tips for finding great local events? Share your ideas below!

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