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10 Fun & Free Fall Activities

September 25th, 2013


Fall is the perfect time of the year: crisp fall colors, beautiful weather, and delicious food! There are plenty of fun, free things to do this season. I have organized my list of the Top 10 Budget Activities for the Fall Season. Feel free to add more suggestions of your own!

1. A scenic drive through your area is one of the best free fall activities. The fall foliage is beautiful in many areas of the country. Don’t fret if the color is drab near you; you can always check out Travel and Leisure’s list of America’s Best Fall Drives.

2. Get out to your local park for a brisk hike. Did you know that exercising in cool weather is actually better for you? While it is hard to initially get out there, you will feel good once you get going. Just make sure to do a proper warm up! A hike opens numerous doors for free fun, including: photography, scenic views, and a fantastic workout!

3. Stay up to date on fall foliage in your area. The key is getting out at the right time for the best photos. will keep you updated throughout the season with a handy fall foliage map. Yankee Foliage also provides a fantastic live, constantly updated map. I like to inspect the cities near me before wasting money on a long drive.

4. Fall is the perfect time of year to check into local free events. Newspaper listings, bulletin boards, and you local Chamber of Commerce website often list various community events. These free events give you the opportunity to partake in the festivities without spending a fortune.

5. Making your own fall decor & crafts is another fun way to spend your time. You can always look on sites like Pinterest for inspiration. Not only will you have a great time, you will save money on pricey store bought decorations!


6. Many pumpkin patches offer free admission. You do not necessarily have to buy anything, however, walking around in the fresh air surrounded by beautiful fall foliage and decor really puts you in a festive mood. Many offer free hayrides, shows, etc. to keep you entertained, even on a budget!

7. Fall is my favorite time of the year for trying out new recipes. Whole Foods Market offers a variety of free, healthy & delicious ideas! Lots of great pumpkin/fall specialties to keep you interested all season!

8. Why not celebrate with a family/friend get together? Much cheaper than dining out at an overpriced, impersonal restaurant. Requesting that everyone bring over their own unique fall inspired dish is sure to lead to a festive night!

9. What better way to spend a brisk fall night then curling up in your favorite comfy spot with a hot cup of tea or cocoa and your favorite book?! I love this time of the year – it always seems less hectic. Take more time for yourself – relax!

10. Every fall season, I count down the days until ABC Family’s “Countdown to Christmas” and “25 Days of Christmas.” The lineup of Christmas classics, specials, and made for TV movies really gets me into the holiday spirit.  Even though I own most of the movies featured on the lineup, it’s just so much more fun to catch a random favorite! Check out the ABC Family 2013 Countdown to Christmas and 25 Days of Christmas lineups.

What are your favorite budget fall activities?


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