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10 Free Things to do This Winter

February 16th, 2014

Myles Standish State Forest in Plymouth County, Massachusetts

There are plenty of fun activities to enjoy all winter long, even if you can’t afford the more pricey activities like skiing. Don’t let a lack of cash ruin your fun this winter season. As long as there is snow, you have plenty of opportunities for fun filled days! Check out my top 10 ideas for free winter activities.

Free Winter Fun!

1. Sled at a local hill. Check local park districts and for ideas.
2. Build a snowman. Put your creative skills to the test and compete against family members/friends for the best snowman.
3. Enjoy a hot cup of tea or while watching the snow fall out your window. One of my favorite free winter activities is as simple as watching the snow from inside with a warm drink. If you have a fireplace, even better!
4. Curl up on the couch with a good, long book. Spend the day at your local library browsing for great winter reads, whether your all time favorite book, a book series, or a book you never got around to reading.
5. Watch a snowy winter movie like Aspen Extreme, Jack Frost, or Serendipity. Aspen Extreme is the perfect winter movie, which highlights the extreme skiing season in beautiful Aspen, Colorado. What better movie to get into the winter spirit?
6. Take a brisk hike through your closest state or local park. Get your boots on and get ready for some snow filled fun on the trails!
7. Check your library for free passes to local museums and galleries. Many towns offer free local museums, zoos, and art museums passes to library card holders. Also, be sure to check for free art gallery walks (often held during the week).
8. Check for free town events such as Winterfest, concerts, etc. Many towns offer festive annual winter events. Be sure to check local newspapers for listings.
9. Test out a homemade hot chocolate or cider recipe. I also like the pre-made hot cocoa mix from Green and Black’s.
10. Watch a TV series on Netflix. I’m currently enjoying Pretty Little Liars and Harper’s Island (if you don’t have Netflix, rent out a series from your local library!)

A few more ideas for budget activities…

Ice skating at a local pond. If you have your own skates it’s free! No ponds near you? Don’t worry, most cities operate seasonal rinks which only cost between $10-15 for admission and/or skate rentals.

Check your local dollar theater. Catch up on any movies that you missed at the regular theater, for a fraction of the cost!

Try out a new craft project. The cold winter months are a great time for getting in tune with your creative side. Michael’s and Jo Ann Fabrics are my go-to choices.

Find a delicious soup recipe online. There is nothing better in the winter than a bowl of steaming hot soup, especially after being out in the snow. Try out this delicious hearty minestrone soup recipe from Whole Foods.

Sign up for a gym membership. Cheap chains such as Planet Fitness and 24 Hour fitness offer the standard equipment. No frills here, however, you still have access to the important basics like weight training equipment and cardio machines.

Enjoy an infrared sauna session. What better way to get out of the cold for a bit than sitting in a 100-130 degree sauna? There are many additional benefits of infrared vs. conventional saunas, including increased removal of toxins, reduction in blood pressure, improved circulation, immunity boost, and more! Check spas, gyms, and health centers in your area. Many offer the first session for free for new clients. If you want to keep up, package rates are usually pretty reasonable. My spa offers 10 session for $99.

What are your favorite free winter activities?

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