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About Stretch My Income

The idea for Stretch My Income began after years of living a budget friendly lifestyle. I decided to start this blog to share my ideas on practical ways to save money without sacrificing the fun. Saving money shouldn’t be a temporary thing, but rather a way of life.

Getting the best deal, enjoying products and activities that boost your health, and not falling for every advertisement are the true ways to save money and enjoy life. The problem with most financial books and videos is that they never give you concrete advice on how to save. This blog is different in that I give you actual advice on how to save everyday. It’s more than the little changes you make everyday. You have to let go of old spending patterns and change your way of thinking.

This blog will focus on giving you advice on how to save while also improving your quality of life, rather than just telling you what you need to cut out of your life. As you focus more on being healthy and forgoing the need to spend, you will notice that you naturally spend less money.

Take advantage of natural freebies like nature. Cook at home more and enjoy the benefits of fresh produce and spices. Spend more time on hobbies over shopping for more unnecessary luxuries that you don’t really need. The key to being financially free is letting go of everything you think you need to buy and enjoying the simple things in life, most of which are easily incorporable into everyone’s lives.

I have spent the last 5 years finding new ways to both save money and live better everyday. I now focus more on health and nature over shopping and dining out. In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, biking, tennis, cooking, playing the piano, crafts, and traveling.